Discover Shropshire Walking, The Shropshire Way

If you wanted to know about the best walks in Shropshire who would you ask?

We asked the real experts The local walkers.

The individuals and groups, historians, lovers of flora and fauna, the volunteers who look after the stiles, bridges and paths: all have contributed.

The result is the Shropshire Way. Not only the finest route around the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, but also the best possible set of day walks.

Each mile is the result of a labour of love by our walkers. They showed us their favourite footpaths, suggested beguiling little deviations, even shared their favourite ‘private’ views.

All we had to do was link them together, write the guide and website and improve a few problem stretches.

The result is a unique achievement, a route to delight and entertain you. Let them be your guide. Who could be better equipped?

The walk now has a facebook page where we hope people will tell us which part of the walk they have done, what were their thoughts and lets see their pictures. You can also join as a fan! Click here to access the page.

  People walking around a Shropshire route

Shropshire Council Project part financed by the European Union, European Regional Development Fund The Ramblers The National Lottery Heritage Fund Pughs